New Opportunities with Lewis Osmant – Guitar Teacher : Moving Into Music

A message for all students, friends and families of Moving Into Music – past and present:
Spring has arrived in full force – ready for us all to take a welcome term break.
Here is some holiday reading for you:
Since January we have had a new guitar teacher onboard  – He is Lewis Osmant.
He follows a long and strong tradition of talented guitar teachers at Moving Into Music: Who of you remember or were lucky enough to be taught by Simon Watt, Nathan Slater, Delaney Stewart … or are currently with Genaaron Diamente?
Lewis Osmant joins this esteemed band of exceptional!
Lewis hails from the UK and you can read about his background in the January post.
The year has marched on and so has Lewis’ teaching with us.
His students are now well settled into his style of teaching and benefitting from his many talents.
We are pleased to tell you that now, as of Term 4,  we are expanding Lewis’ teaching days at our Kew studios to include Mondays and Thursdays as well as his regular Tuesdays and Fridays. We are thrilled at this prospect to open up more opportunities to guitarists of all levels.
As mentioned in his Bio – Lewis initially trained in Classical Guitar. This is very evident in music he writes.
As a composer, Lewis produces videos which are posted on YouTube and we have attached one here for your enjoyment:
All guitar students need to develop improvising to increase their playing abilities. Youtube is the vehicle for displaying creative output.
Lewis is ready to show students how to get started, how to improve and develop their skills, how to tap into their creative potential.
Any guitarist who wants to take a leap to the next level – will need expert guidance and help. Guitarists – you need Lewis for this!
All guitar students need to improve their technical skills to increase their playing abilities.
Lewis is again the man to help here. His classical training means that, over and above other teachers, his technique has been carefully grounded, built and developed. Students need scales, arpeggios, exercises and drills to develop dexterity and technique – Lewis will provide these!
Lewis has recently joined a new band. This alongside busking and gigging around our local music scene keeps his playing and teaching highly relevant and current. Take a look at this clip to see Lewis at work at home and on the streets of Melbourne:
Playing/practising with others is fun and rewarding – it’s a staple for all guitar players – students and teachers alike.
My message to guitarists: “Time to get busking if you need extra funds for your Christmas shopping.
Lewis can help you prepare to take to the streets and increase your luck at making money $$$$$$$ from your music. 
 How do you prepare? What do you play? What gear do you need? 
Lewis has the answers – AND Term 4 is the ideal time to work with him on this!”
Teaching is rewarding when students begin to take charge of their music and drive the outcomes. 
My next message to guitarists: “If you wish to succeed, address this by forcing yourself to be out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and experiment. Now is the best time to experiment and fuel your passion.
Taking on new challenges and extending yourself as a player can stem from the inspiration provided by a talented teacher.
Opening up to many styles of music will always improve your abilities as a player. How multi-faceted a player are you?”
See Lewis open up his rock-star side.
He made this video clip last week while waiting for some students to turn up – enjoy!
and finally … Term 4 is our Christmas Concert term – so we have our eyes on the concert – both student and staff performances.
Here’s some fun from the mid-year concert – when Genaaron, Lewis and drum teacher Luke Andresen got funky with Herbie Hancock’s Bring Down the Birds. Videoed by one of our dads – this is the best quality we could manage using an iPhone 6!
A message for all you Bass Players out there – time to get busy with Lewis to improve your skills!
Please pass the word around that Lewis is onboard at Moving Into Music … and is accepting new students as of Term 4.
We know that to take a leap forward … to stretch out to new areas of skill … to plug holes/gaps in knowledge … to learn how to utilise today’s technologies – these days a student needs a teacher who is not only well qualified BUT one who also has experience across all of today’s realms of music making.
Today’s student needs some-one who is talented, happening, current, inspirational – Today’s student needs Lewis!
Please contact Lauris Hing at Moving Into Music to check out options for taking lessons with Lewis in Term 4.
Have a wonderful Spring break!