Looking Back  … to Fraser Macfarlane: his musical journey began with Moving Into Music

We know of the professionals but what do we know of the gifted amateurs?

For our music students … We so often ask … Where is their music heading to?

Well … for some … who are passionate about their music … they will soon be ready to explore ways to get it out there to share it with the world.

How can they make this happen?

Here’s how … Take a look at one of our students who is beginning to share his music:

Today and Looking Forward … he sings, he plays guitar, he entertains friends and family and he’s beginning to get his music ‘out there’ via Instagram.

Fraser Macfarlane attended Lauris’ preschooler classes as a 4 yr old.

He has kept up his interest in and his love of music. He has not chosen music as a career path but his musical development has continued … it’s a passionate hobby.

He sings and accompanies himself on acoustic, electric and lap slide guitar. A gifted amateur – he is in demand by friends and family at events such as weddings and other significant stages of life celebrations.

Fraser Macfarlane Instagram
 Fraser - Lap Slide  Fraser Acoustic- Rodeo Clowns     Fraser Electric- channelling Mark Knopfler
 Instagram is a way to get music out there into the world. 

We encourage all of our students to work towards sharing their music online – follow Fraser’s example.