Christmas Concert 1on Sunday 6th December: Piano Students of Zac Hamilton-Rusell and Nicholas Young

On Sunday 6th December many Melbournians tuned in for the latest announcements of further easing of restrictions and a map of what Covid-normal will look like.
 Moving Into Music – tuned in to the first of  the series of Christmas Concerts:
🎄Concert 1: Sunday 6 December @ 10.30am. Piano Students of Zac Hamilton Russell and Nicholas Young 🎄
We acknowledged what an extraordinary year … what a tough year it has been. Our students have managed many changes – shutdowns and lockdowns … there have been so many upheavals. What IS amazing is that music has been able to continue unabated online. Lessons have continued, practices have continued (and in some cases increased with fewer outside home commitments and distractions). Progress is abundantly evident. Our students have continued playing and today have presented to perform.
This is a fantastic achievement – so we said to all of them:
“Well Done! Thank-you for your effort!”
We reminded them that:
“We admire you! We are proud of you!”
 Students entered into the spirit of Christmas with their hats and headbands. 
We heard many wonderful performances … the improvements over the year were clearly evident.           
The Concert finished with teacher’s performances which reminded us of the times we have recently lived through: 
Zac’s “Make You Feel the Love” reminding all of us that love given and received is the tonic everyone has needed this year.
Nicholas reminded us that through his Piano Sonata, Beethoven shares his own joys and troubles … and also that next week we are coming up to Beethoven’s 250th Birthday!!
Here are some photo samples of the day: