Christmas Concert 2 on Sunday 6th December: Guitar Students of Genaaron Diamente and Kieran Colton, Drum Students of Luke Andresen

🎄Concert 2: Sunday 6 December @ 1.30pm. Guitar Students of Genaaron Diamente 
                                                          and Kieran Colton, Drum Students of Luke Andresen 🎄
The Christmas spirit was evident in many of the student’s homes – their Christmas trees were lit up … along with their performances.
Zoom audio does not do justice to the demands of a percussion performance so in order to preserve higher fidelity our drum students in Hong Kong presented video recordings of their concert pieces.
The consequent technical challenges of hooking up Melbourne and Hong Kong, live and video performances had Genaaron and Luke on their toes. Despite these hiccups – the students presented themselves with confidence and played with fluency and feeling.
It was a wonderful concert which culminated in the teacher performances: Genaaron playing classical acoustic guitar, Luke playing HipHop drums and Kieran ringing in the season as he played us out with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on electric guitar.
Here are some photo memories of this wonderful concert:
ThomasAliceKetan2Clarence 3
RhysbestShaunSave Genaaron