Concert 3 on Sunday 13th December: Piano Students of Kimberley Chen

🎄Concert 3: Sunday 13 December @ 10.30am. Piano Students of Kimberley Chen 🎄
The musical journey, in its many stages, was in full focus today when we tuned in to our final Christmas Concert with piano students of Kimberley Chen.
They showed us, through their commitment to perform, how music is valued and how it occupies an important part of our lives.
We know the students will be rewarded for the devotion they give to it. Music will enrich and nourish their lives.
We acknowledged with our performers today that they have worked on through an extraordinary year. We gave congratulations and thanks to our students and their teacher, Kimberley, for steering through 2020 and reaching the end still engaged … still practising and today lining up to perform for us. We need to speak loudly and proudly about the musical accomplishments of these students in this unprecedented year .. so we said to them:
We salute your effort!
We praise your achievements!
We acknowledge your tenacity –  you held on to your music studies when times were not easy.
We admire your steadfastness – you continued your music over many months in a year when, for 3 terms, the world was under great stress and private and public lives were forced to cope with enormous changes.
Kimberley and her students presented a fabulous concert for us today – confident and sensitive piano performances, from beginner to Grade 8 standard … and from multi talented Adriel on violin and super talented Helen on cello who both demonstrated what commitment to music can produce. Kimberley was keen to reinforce the value of sharing music around … and a group of her younger students demonstrated this. The concert concluded with Kimberley’s rendition of Chopin’s Etude Opus 25. She introduced the piece saying that Chopin demonstrates the dark side of struggles giving way to lyrical lightness when things clear up. Kimberley chose this music because of its relevance for the pandemic times we’ve lived through in 2020.
Here we share some photos of this delightful concert:
archer2Ben2Gab3adrielviolinadriel piano
Rohan2Jaya3Riley 2Group3
HelencelloHelen piano2Kimberleypiano