Music Lessons with Moving Into Music: Gift Certificate for Lessons 2021

Dear former students and friends of Moving Into Music,
2020 has been such an extraordinary year and we hope that throughout, you and your loved ones have managed the tribulations and the challenges it has thrust upon you.
Moving Into Music managed to pivot to Online lessons … so while unusual and dislocating it meant that teaching and learning was able to continue.
We found this to be very successful … and it also opened up the opportunity to accept some students from both HongKong and Singapore. This has proved to be an exciting development especially since our annual gala live Christmas Concert was replaced by a series of virtual concerts … and the students from HK and SG were able to participate.
German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
His words ring true in this remarkable year that we have lived through in 2020. The pandemic, which has ruled our lives, has dealt many cruel blows to people all over the world. Throughout tumultuous times, musicians have continued to bring their music into our lives by whatever means they can. Music has sustained so many and provided salve for the soul in times of loss, hardship and despair. Life without music, in the year of 2020, would have been a mistake!
As our musical year comes to a close we give thanks for the friendships, the support, the connections and the healing powers of music which we have shared.
I am reaching out to you  to inform you of our arrangements for lessons next year … and, in the spirit of Christmas, include you in a special offer we have extended to our students:

2021 for Moving Into Music:
We expect that, circumstances permitting, a return to teaching and learning in the studios will become the norm for 2021.
Re-Enrolments will be accepted on the Hybrid model of Online as well as Studio Lessons.
Both will be continued so that we can accomodate the needs of those living abroad as well as those for whom attendance at the studios is less suitable than Online tuition.
At our studios in Walpole St, Kew we will offer:
piano/keyboard lessons
guitar – acoustic, electric, bass lessons
drums & percussion lessons,
vocal lessons, 
theory lessons
At our studios in Southgate – CBD we will offer:
piano/keyboard lessons 
guitar – acoustic, electric, bass lessons 
theory lessons
Please pass this information on to any family and friends who are considering learning music – we offer high quality music tuition – we look forward to welcoming new students to Moving Into Music in 2021. Please spread the word.
It’s not too late to Give the Gift of Music this Christmas – New Year:
Introduce a NEW student … or Return as a past student to Moving Into Music via a Gift Certificate which can be redeemed  for Lessons in 2021.
Lessons can be  for piano, guitar – acoustic, electric, bass, drums , voice or theory … online or in the studios.
Purchase the Gift Certificate in December or January 2020.  Gifted Lessons can be taken February to December 2021.
Gift Certificates of  $50 (2 lessons), $100 (4 lessons), $150 (6 lessons), $200 (8 lessons) are available. Call Lauris to purchase.
This special rate offers outstanding value  –  Give the Gift of Music in 2021 to a loved one … a relative … a friend!
                              Gift Cerificate
We would be delighted to welcome you back to Moving Into Music via the Gift Certificate.
Online and well as Studio Lessons widen options and opportunities to pick up  your music again … to polish up your musical skills, to set and achieve new musical goals  – spurred on by a passionate and talented teacher.