Music to Lead Us Out of Lockdown: Melbourne Music Duo Shouse is leading Europe, USA and the world out of lockdown …


Melbourne music duo Shouse has discovered that good things come to those who wait.

Six years after they took over a Brunswick warehouse for a bumper recording session, Shouse song Love Tonight is topping charts as the unofficial anthem for a Europe reopening after long COVID restrictions.

The hit is number one in Greece and 18th globally on Shazam. In Germany it is 20th on Spotify streaming charts.

Back in 2015, Shouse’s Ed Service and Jack Madin gathered about 30 of their mates to create Love Tonight.

Service told Eddie Perfect on the ABC Radio Melbourne Breakfast program:

“We decided to get a big group of mates together … it was just a big group of amateur singers and some of Melbourne’s underground music stars of the time,”

With the help of recording devices, a bunch of instruments and some excited vocals, the pair set up and produced the song. They hoped the tune would inspire true community values. “It was a song about solidarity, love and connectedness … all the lyrics are about reaching out for one another, about connecting the community’s strength,” the musician said.

Little did the pair know that in a few years’ time the emphasis on these values would be needed more than ever — during a global pandemic.

First released in 2017 to a lukewarm reception, it was during 2020 there was a surge in listeners. As COVID-19 grew and spread, so did the song.

  Shouse Love Tonight Radio Edit Tile

“Particularly in 2020 there was something about the lockdown sweeping the globe and the song started to spike … the graph on Spotify looked eerily reminiscent to the waves [of COVID] sweeping the globe,” Service said. Love Tonight was remixed by Brazilian artist Vintage Culture … and then by French DJ David Guetta.

It is now trending globally, appearing over all social media platforms.  

 Click here to watch the Shouse video on 

“It’s currently getting 1.3 million plays every day, every weekend is bigger than the next,” Service said.

“It’s become a release anthem as people come out of lockdown in Europe and it’s becoming part of a cultural movement. Thousands of Europeans [are] singing along to all our mates in a warehouse in Brunswick.”

Shouse DuoTile

This sound effect is turning people’s most-loved memories post-lockdown into heartwarming videos. Popular highlights include nights out with friends, yacht trips around islands and the globally loved road trip.

“All I need is your love tonight” are the lyrics being played on repeat.

When he’s not creating worldwide hits, Service is a community manager at social enterprise Collingwood Yards, while Madin is a primary school music teacher.

Let’s Get Dancing: 

Here’s the Remix by DJ David Guetta (23.5M subscribers!!!!  … 5,203,981 views – Premiered Jun12, 2021)

Shouse Love Tonight Guetta Remix Tile

   ShouseLove Tonight - Guetta Dance MixTile


MIM sends bouquets and congratulations to Shouse for this wonderful anthem … we nominate this for music to lead us out of lockdown. 

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