Moving Into Music student Lachlan Kwan Hing has success in Singapore …

 The Rhythm of Form and Colours … Success in Singapore for our piano student Lachlan Kwan Hing  –   he shows how his music connects to his talent in art.
 Lachlan - Symphony of Colours  Lachlan Lachlan - Symphony of Colours

Lachlan is an online student of Yi-Ling Ng. You may recall him from the Solos Concert in August when he played Bohemian Rhapsody – see photo here.

In Singapore’s Euphoria Festival, Lachlan’s oil pastel headlined the Bukit Timah Primary School’s award winning entry in the Symphony of Colours section.

The artists statement reads: “Symphony of Colours incorporates the world of cubism and music. Pupils are challenged to observe musical instruments in a different perspective and unpack the parts, in their own way, of cubism. Using oil pastels they learnt to use colours to showcase, to vibrant effect, the objects,

  Organisers of the Euphoria Festival write about The Rhythm of Form and Colours …

“Music and art have a close relationship. In this segment, student artists draw inspiration from music and their surroundings to explore ideas beyond reality by using non-objective art elements such as shape, forms, colours, lines and textures to create an artwork that is open to interpretation. Observe how the artists interpret our world and music through art, representing their personal thoughts and feelings through the imaginative application of elements of art.”

Read more about this wonderful festival – see the creativity and talent of students in Singapore displayed – in their art, music, dance and drama:

See Year 4 entry art works from classmates of Lachlan’s, here:


Rhythm 3 Rhythm 2 Rhythm 1

Moving Into Music congratulates Lachlan on this success. We look forward to seeing him again, online with his musical talents on display at the Christmas Concert come December.


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