Music for Mothers Day | Pick No 3: Superwoman by Alicia Keys …

in this song of empowerment, Keys declares her superwoman to be any woman who can provide for herself and the ones she loves.
 Alicia Clip
Matching her aspirational lyrics Keys, in the video, plays many roles of women at their best strength and effort. Throughout the course of the video, she embodies a young mother applying for a university, an African woman, a businesswoman, a Cleopatra-like pharaoh, and an astronaut.
This song will resonate for any woman who hears it and, like US University lecturerDr Cynthia K. Gooch, thinks that’s me … I’m working hard, trying to serve the community and take care of my family. In trying to be a better mother, colleague and partner, many women are pressured to neglect themselves. They put on that cape and charge forward, damn the consequences.”
These sentiments prompted Gooch to discuss the topic of work-life balance at a subsequent Women in Leadership conference. Striving to find the balance is a challenge for all mothers of today … made even more pertinent during the additional pressures of the past couple of years. Juggling the demands of work, family and community – it surely takes a Superwoman!
To all MIM mothers we say  “you are a Superwoman … we are grateful for all that you do and all that you are”  
Happy Mothers Day
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