Moving Into Music Concerts | Senior Students and Parents speak …

MIM Senior Students tell us about the Concerts:
*Jamie began learning guitar with MIM at 5 years old. Early on his dad, George, said:

George grab

Now Jamie, at 17 years old, having performed in many concerts says:

“The day my dad bought me my first guitar was the day I began my first music lesson. At the age of five I was the youngest student to be taught by my teacher. It was here where my enthusiasm for guitar grew. Learning countless song after song, driving my parents crazy as I found more and more enjoyment playing my guitar. With the help of many lessons and concerts ahead of me, I was able to learn more about myself as well as all the values which make up the person I am today. Teaching me maturity and confidence.

After all these years I still get excited to perform with the eagerness to show the audience what I have been working so hard on. If it wasn’t for that unexpected stroll into Allans music store in Kew 12 years ago I wouldn’t have the love for guitar I have today, Moving Into Music has given me that opportunity.”
See Jamie, at MIM concerts over the years …
Moving Into Music thanks Jamie  for sharing his thoughts on learning music and performing in concerts.
Principal, Lauris Hing says:
“Senior students provide valuable role models for younger students. We KNOW that parents and families always appreciate seeing the senior students performing – they are visible role models for their own children. So in addition to the value our concerts have for each individual student, the value to the student cohort in viewing role models is most important. The teachers also greatly appreciate the participation and contribution of senior students from this perspective. They understand the power and influence our seniors can have. We are delighted to have Jamie and Yong, who speaks in the next post, as such wonderful role models for our younger students.”

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