Moving Into Music Concerts | Senior Students and Parents speak …

Moving Into Music Senior Students tell us about the Concerts

A parent and a piano student share their thoughts …

*Yong started off in the MIM Preschooler program, then at 5 years old he began learning piano. 
Early on his mother, Maylin, said:

Maylin grab

Now Yong, at 15 years old, having performed in many concerts says:
“Across the many years of my participating in the Moving Into Music program, playing the piano and performing at concerts, I have deepened my knowledge and understanding of

music. That, combined with performing at choir, to learning instruments solo and in ensembles, I have seen how difficult learning music can be; I have seen how challenging it can be for a young musician learning their first notes, to those perfecting their craft. There is value in learning music, music is a pathway to self-expression; a journey the artist leads in perfecting their artistry, the concert that is led up to by months of preparation.

Music created from the soul can be so beautiful, so magical and yet sad—uplifting in the harshest climate, touching at a swooning soul.”

See Yong, at MIM concerts over the years …
Moving Into Music thanks Jamie and Yong for sharing their thoughts on learning music and performing in concerts.
Principal, Lauris Hing reminds us …
“As senior students they are such valuable role models for younger students. We KNOW that parents and families always appreciate seeing the senior students performing – they are visible role models for their own children. So in addition to the value our concerts have for each individual student, the value to the student cohort in viewing role models is most important. The teachers also greatly appreciate the participation and contribution of senior students from this perspective. They understand the power and influence our seniors can have. We are delighted to have Jamie and Yong as such wonderful role models for our younger students.”
Lauris Hing continues …
“One of the benefits of taking music lessons is discovering you are not the only one who likes music!
Other students, parents, families and of course teachers are all part of the community who like and value music. At Moving Into Music concerts we get the opportunity to gather with our music community.  We get to share music, demonstrate our skills, learn how to face our fears and deal with them … and, always, we get to celebrate our achievements surrounded by the love and support of our caring community.
Best wishes to all Moving Into Music students and teachers as they prepare for the upcoming mid-year Solos Concerts.”

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