Save the Date: Sunday 3rd December 2022 | Christmas Concert – live @ MLC, Kew

Save the Date: Sunday 3rd December 2022  Christmas Concert – live @ MLC, Kew

Moving Into Music Christmas Concerts …

Christmas Concerts are held in the auditorium of Methodist Ladies College, Kew. This is the final concert of the year. All students are invited to perform in 
ensemble items led by their teacher. The concert provides a wonderful opportunity to see and hear the various students and teachers of Moving Into Music in 
action … on grand pianos … on acoustic, electric and bass guitars … and on drums. 
The concert is always a lot of fun for both performers and the audience. It is a great chance for families and friends to support the efforts of our students and teachers as they display their skills … and to round off the year together elevated by the spirit of Christmas.
Here is a pictorial glimpse of the Christmas Concerts –  a review of what you can expect as a performer … as an audience member …
Concert Crowd getting ready, set to go!
Pianos Xmas Clip
Guitars Xmas Clip
Drums Xmas Clip
The Christmas Concert is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and show appreciation for the developing skills and confidence of our music students. 

It is also a special opportunity to experience and enjoy the virtuosity of our teachers – in performance – this is always a treat not to be missed!

Staff Xmas

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