Maylin: Pre-School Mother

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I like that Moving Into Music has a continuous music education program, starting from 6 months of age all the way to adults, so regardless of how old you are when you join, you will be looked after and guided through your music education in your own personalised tailored program.
My two sons both started with Moving Into Music at 18 months old, one is now 6 y.o. and learning piano with Marija, and the younger one is almost 3 y.o. and in the toddler program with Lauris.

For pre schoolers it offers a unique, stimulating and fun environment to be exposed to music.
Lauris is dedicated and passionate about her work and music, and that inspires and motivates all her staff and students.

Unlike a lot of franchise music programs where the standards varies depending on the venue, with Moving Into Music you are guaranteed a consistent, high quality music program because it is run by a small group of professional, reputable music teachers.

The main reason we have stayed with the program is because both children really enjoy it and look forward to it every week.  And actually, I really enjoy the lessons too and we have all met some wonderful families through Moving  Into Music, families who share the same love for music as we do.