Daniel: He’s Come So Far

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Daniel Riley is currently studying composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, under the tutelage of Paul Stanhope.  Daniel was introduced to music through the pre-school program at Moving Into Music, an experience he identifies as ‘the single most significant thing to have happened to me’.  He subsequently learned piano and theory through Moving Into Music, from which his passion for music was further developed and his earliest efforts in composition encouraged.  The musicianship skills acquired through his piano lessons have proven invaluable in developing his compositional voice.

His String Trio was premiered at the VCE Top Sounds concert in March 2011, and his solo carillon work Résonances was selected for performance by the Carillon Society of Australia in November 2011.  More recently, his Ovid Songs were premiered in 2013 at St John’s College where he currently resides, and his Postlude XIII for de-tuned solo violin is to be premiered by Ole Bohn in October 2013.

Besides his activities as a composer, he is an extremely accomplished choral singer, having previously sung with the National Boys Choir of Australia, Opera Australia, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Chamber Choir, and currently with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus (formerly Melbourne Chorale).  Since 2010, he has also branched into conducting, and continues to perform as both an accompanist and organist.

He still (and always will) call Melbourne home.