Testimonial - Jo & Anna

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Anna (photo: left)

I have been with Moving Into Music for about 13 years.

I started in the preschool classes and then progressed to piano lessons.

I took AMEB exams up to Grade 6 under the tuition of a number of teachers, each of whom has added to my musical education in different ways.

I am now learning and playing for enjoyment.

I love classical pieces and am currently working on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

It has been wonderful learning to play and appreciate music with the school and I am looking forward to discovering new music.


Jo (photo: right)

Both my children have been involved with the wonderful Lauris Hing and Moving Into Music for many years now.

Both started in the preschool classes which we chose, not only for their sound basis in principles of music education, but also because they were such fun.

Anna wanted to learn piano and I have enjoyed hearing her progress through the early simple tunes to the more complex and challenging pieces she is playing now.

Moving Into Music has been able to provide Anna with a number of excellent teachers over the years, some of whom she still keeps in touch with. Each one has brought their own individual approach and Anna has benefited from this variety. Their common link is an obvious passion for music.

Over the years we have loved the Moving Into Music concerts. Lauris strongly supports the opportunity for students to perform in public and this is a great experience for students and also a great motivator to practise! The annual Christmas concert is a highlight of the year.