About Moving Into Music

We are a long-established music school – built on the highest credentials of solid theoretical foundations and best practice teaching by well qualified and dedicated staff.

We enjoy a strong reputation earned from our years of exceptional service in the fields of early childhood and music education. Parents, educators and musicians endorse our programs and our teaching.

Early Childhood Classes

We start our programs in early childhood with classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Here you can detect that light-hearted fairy dust which mixes fun and fantasy is sprinkled generously over the serious content and intent beneath. It makes our classes sparkle with life and energy and our music agenda comes alive. We know how to bring music into the lives of little ones. We know how they grow and learn and we know how to help parents gain the skills and confidence to nurture and develop their child’s musical growth. We know how to set up the foundations for a musical future.


Instrumental Tuition

From school-age onwards we turn our attention to instrumental tuition. We are proud that we can offer students ongoing music education. Learning an instrument can be the work of childhood, the teen years and well into adulthood. For some this will become a serious study, for others it will be purely recreational.

Our instrumental teachers are all qualified but moreover they are talented professional musicians – working in Melbourne’s vibrant live-music scene. This experience informs their teaching. It brings currency, commitment and validity to their tutoring and this is obviously a great benefit to their students.

We are purposefully a boutique business. Please contact us to find out more.