Too many questions and not enough time, thank goodness for FAQ’s!

– Why us?
– How much?
– When is the next class?
– Even . . . my child is very active what if he can’t sit still?

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Instrumental Music Lessons

  • Do I need my own instrument to take lessons?
    You will need access to an instrument for home practice but for lessons the studios are equipped with: For Guitar: we have an acoustic guitar for student use. For electric and bass guitarists amps and leads are provided.   For drums: you will learn on a full acoustic drum-kit   For Piano: you will learn on a high quality acoustic piano.
  • Can I join a group class?
    Our studios are set up for individual tuition but we do offer lessons in pairs for guitar and voice … and piano by arrangement.
  • I am a beginner – how long will it take me to learn the basics?
    This is a hard one – it depends on how much you practise … but our teachers are skilled at getting raw beginners to progress quickly.
  • Can I change my lesson time?
    Yes – if the timetable allows. If you are prepared to change teacher your options (to change) may increase.
  • What if I miss a lesson?
    If you have not given at least 24hrs notice we unfortunately cannot offer a refund, credit or replacement for the lesson you miss.
  • What happens if I am unable to attend a lesson?
    If you give your teacher or the MIM office notification at least 24 hours prior that you will miss a lesson we will do our best to provide a makeup lesson. Makeup lessons are subject to timetable availability and are limited to two per term.
  • How long is a lesson?
    Lessons are typically for 30 or 60 minutes. We may be able to offer variations if the timetable allows.
  • When do I pay for my lessons?
    Your lessons must be paid in full before you can begin.
  • How do I make payment for my lessons?
    You can make payment by cheque, bank transfer and money order or cash (by arrangement).
  • Can I try out a lesson before I commit?
    Yes - you can pay for one lesson to try it/meet the teacher before signing up. From time to time we offer  special introductory offers -  these are announced on the website.
  • Can I start anytime?
    Yes - if a term has begun, you will be charged pro-rata for the remaining lessons of the current term.
  • How many lessons must I sign up for?
    We enrol on a term-by-term basis broadly in line with the Victorian State School terms. There are four terms of between 9 and 11 weeks per year.
  • How can I get started?
    Navigate to our Contact Us page of this website and we will get in touch with you immediately. You can always ring us on 9836 2686 to speak to us directly.


  • How can I get started?
    Navigate to our Contact Us page of this website and we will get in touch with you immediately. You can always ring us on 9836 2686 to speak to us directly.
  • What if my child is sick and I miss a class … is there provision for this?
    If you miss a class you can take a make-up lesson at any of our other venues.
  • I also have a baby. Can I bring the baby along with us to the class?
    When baby is young and in a capsule or when a toddler is in a pusher this is not a problem. A mother can quickly attend to the baby/toddler needs without interrupting the class or compromising her child’s involvement in the group.
  • My child is very shy. What if she won’t join in?
    Assisting a reticent child to participate in the music group will aid this child’s social development. The music class is an excellent preparation for formal learning and school.
  • My two year old is very active. What if he can’t sit still?
    Toddlers are active. The value of the music class is helping them to learn to find focus and become a member of a group activity. Participating, sharing, watching, waiting and listening when and where appropriate are what we teach these children. It is important that they learn these things. Music class will help them.
  • My husband would like to bring our child. He’s worried it’s only for mothers … would he fit in?
    We have many fathers who bring their child to the music group. This can be a very special part of a father’s parenting. Some dads come on a regular basis … others make a special visit. We also often have grandparents who take on the music group as a special activity with a grandchild.
  • Do I need to stay with my pre-schooler in the class?
    Yes. All levels of our pre-schooler programs are designed for shared parent - child participation. We want you with us to share and contribute to the magic of the music group as well as to enhance your child’s musical education.
  • Are there any extra costs?
    • For Musical Parenting – we provide notes to accompany our classes.
    • At our Beginnings level we offer for sale Preludes – a Child’s Song Booklet - for each semester of the year.
    • At the Pre-School level children make their own Song Books
  • How much does it cost?
    We charge on a term by term basis. If you join us once term has started we calculate the cost on a pro-rata basis for the remaining weeks of the term.
  • Is there a trial class?
    You can come to visit us for a trial lesson in any of the weeks of our teaching term. You will be charged for a single class.