We are exceptionally proud of our talented group of teachers. They are all passionate about music and thoroughly enjoy teaching and fostering musical development. Click through the teachers below to learn about their background and contact us to find out more.

We are exceptionally proud of our talented group of teachers. They are all passionate about music and thoroughly enjoy teaching and fostering musical development. Click through the teachers below to learn about their background and contact us to find out more.

Early Childhood Music Teachers

Drum Teachers

> Lauris Hing (Principal)


Lauris Hing

MEdHons(Melb), BEdHons(Melb), TTDC, TPTC

Lauris has many years teaching experience in Australia and overseas.  She has taught in primary school and at pre-school level, in special education and in parent guidance clinics.

She has addressed national conferences and delivered lectures in the fields of early childhood, special education and music education. She has trained many teachers through in-service and professional development seminars and courses for all the major organizations including: the Lady Gowrie Child Centre-Melbourne, the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia, the Orff-Schulwerk Association of Australia and the Kodaly Education Institute of Australia, the Australian Music Examinations Board, Melbourne Youth Music as well as the School of Early Childhood Studies in the University of Melbourne.

Lauris’ Masters Thesis was awarded first class honours and focussed on the development of music curriculum. This, combined with her wide range teaching experience has ensured the quality and success of the Moving Into Music program and earned its recognition and acclaim in the professional music education community.

Over the past 20 years, Lauris has built Moving Into Music into a premier music program, which offers musical parenting courses, children’s group classes (pre-school to primary school years) and instrumental tuition in piano and keyboard, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, theory and musicianship. Moving Into Music employs highly qualified and experienced staff and operates in the inner and eastern suburbs of Melbourne where it enjoys a fine reputation.

Lauris and her staff also teach the Moving Into Music program in kindergartens and private schools.

After establishing and successfully operating music studios for instrumental tuition in Kew in 2003, Lauris was approached in 2008 to lead the formation of the Allans Music School. Moving Into Music provided music lessons in partnership with AllansBillyHyde at the stores  in Bourke St and at Kew.  As a result of the closure of ABH  in 2012,  Lauris has now moved the Instrumental tuition to a new and convenient CBD location at St Johns in Southgate, right next to the Concert Hall and in Kew – to Walpole St just up from the junction.

> Carlo Canevali


Carlo Canevali

M.Arts (Adria, Italy)

Carlo holds a Master of Arts in Jazz Music from the State Conservatory of Adria, Italy.  After graduating Carlo taught in music schools in Cortina and Trentino in Italy. Since 1992 he has been the drum teacher at the C.D.M. (Centro Didattico Musica Teatro Danza) Rovereto (TN), Italy, and since 2004 has taught the school’s Bachelor of Arts course which is linked to Edexcel University in the United Kingdom.

Carlo has performed throughout Europe (in Italy, UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria). He has recorded 32 CDs and won prizes in contests for Sound-track Improvisation and Jazz Instrumental Performance. Since 2004 he has been the director of the VL Big Band producing original compositions and arrangements. In 2006 he founded the cultural association NBN for the promotion of improvised music, visual and performing arts  – organising multi-media shows and exhibitions. Since 2007 Carlo has been the Artistic Director of the Jazz Festival in Levico Terme, Trentino in Italy. In 2009 he founded the record label nBn Music and in 2011 he published the text “The Rhythm Book 11 Linguaggio Del Ritmo”. Carlo now resides in Australia and intends to combine his love of teaching with his passion for performance and promotion of the arts.

Carlo has installed his full acoustic drum kit in our Southgate studio.

His vast experience as a teacher of students of all ages across all styles of music combines with his impressive and progressive knowledge of the music and performing arts industries. He is a teacher who carefully plans to create a program tailored to fit each student’s needs.

His students will be encouraged not only to build their technical skills but also to explore their potential to work on composition and improvisation and thus be actively involved in the creative process. Carlo will also offer music workshops which promote collaboration with other musicians, master classes and participation in ensembles and mixed arts performances.

Carlo is  highly recommended by professionals in the teaching faculties where he has worked. His reputation in Italy as an outstanding teacher, committed and driven by a passion to impart his knowledge gained over years of experience in Europe’s jazz and live music scene preceded him.

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Piano/Keyboard Teachers

Guitar Teachers

> Cindy Yang


Cindy Yang

BMus (Qld – Griffith), BMus (Melb), LMus.A, AMus.A

Cindy is an extremely qualified professional and a highly talented pianist with teaching experience in music schools and in her private music studios in Brisbane, Melbourne and Taiwan. During her career, she has taught students of various ages, from training beginners to mentoring advanced levels. With over ten years of teaching diversity, she fosters a love of learning through music to her students and her vibrant enthusiasm and passion for music sees her students excel in confidence and achieve high results.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Piano Performance degree from the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Melbourne. At the age of fifteen, she was awarded her AMEB L.Mus.A and A.Mus.A diplomas, as well as successfully attaining her Grade 8 in Violin and Grade 6 in Theory. As a solo performer and chamber musician, she has performed and recorded for the ABC radio and has had the opportunity to work with exceptional talents in the music industry. She has studied piano under some of the best of both Conservatorium’s staff, including Oleg Stepanov in Queensland and Igor Machlak in Melbourne, as well as the world-renowned American pianist, Ruth Slencynska.

Cindy remains active and contributes much of her efforts to the music community through teaching, performing and accompanying. She has also written a book of children’s songs and various choral pieces. She hopes to influence the next generation of music talents.

> Caleb Yu


Caleb Yu

BMus(Monash), Completing MMus(Monash), AMusA

Caleb Jia Le Yu, is a well experienced performer and tutor. He began piano lessons at the age of six in China with Professor Xie now Head of Keyboard in the Tokyo Academy. He moved to Australia shortly after, studying piano with the well known composer William Chu (composer of the Yellow River Piano Concerto). Caleb began playing for Church services and choirs at the age of twelve and at this time he was offered music scholarships at Camberwell Grammar School, Wesley College and Scotch College.

He attended Camberwell Grammar School learning contemporary piano from Glenn Riddle and Mark Kerr. At the age of fifteen Caleb successfully completed his AMEB Associate Diploma in Piano Performance and was invited as a young performer to play at Monash University.

In 2004, Caleb was awarded the Whitehorse Music Award which inspired him to continue his music education at Monash University where he studied under the caring supervision of Tamara Smolyar (Head of Keyboards, Monash University) and Mira Jakobanetz (Head of Keyboards, Melbourne Grammar). Caleb was awarded two Joan Earle prizes for Excellence in Piano Studies during his time at Monash, but most importantly, this encouraged him to perform regularly and participate in concerts and recordings outside the university.

In 2006, Caleb was invited to perform at the reopening of the Melbourne Museum and was invited to Beijing and Inner Mongolia for recitals and recordings. During 2007 he was offered a number of opportunities to perform live on 3MBS classical FM radio, playing the works of Liszt and Tchaikovsky. Caleb is currently under the supervision and guidance of the concert pianist Dr Boris Gluslitser (International Liszt prize winner in Hungary).
Caleb has close to 10 years of teaching experience and has taught students from beginners through to advanced students. His main objectives in teaching are to improve and inspire his students technically and musically. He encourages them to achieve high results and have confidence of presentation in performance, and most of all to have fun making music.

> Bei Mi Chen


Bei Mi Chen

B.Mus. Advanced Perf (Melb), L.Mus.A., A.Mus,A

Be Mi began learning piano at the age of nine, under the tutelage of Yeng Zheng. Progressing fast as a pianist, Bei Mi was an avid learner. This quality persisted through his entire career, learning the finest details of the art of piano playing. His exposure to many world-renowned teachers and performers such as Nikolai Dimidenko and Piers Lane fthrough masterclasses has given him great insight into the rich pedagogy the best educators have to offer.
Bei Mi’s former teachers include Elizabeth Mitchell, Professor Ronald Farren Price, Benjamin Martin and Natasha Vlassenko.

Bei Mi has had experience performing in many professional venues locally and abroad, solo and with orchestras. His playing has been recorded and broadcasted nationally. He successfully competed and received awards from national and international competitions such as Lev Vlassenko, Shepparton National, Louisiana International and Southern Highland’s International Piano Competitions. During his time at Melbourne University, he garnered many scholarships. Prior to studying in Melbourne University, Bei Mi had already achieved his A.Mus.A and L.Mus.A in his early teen years.

Bei Mi has been teaching for many years. He has taught students from different backgrounds and levels. He is a highly motivational and empathetic teacher with the ability to understand the needs of each student. He has helped many students achieve great AMEB results, successful auditions and performances. His students have ranged from children as young as four to adults and been of varying levels: beginners to professional.
Bei Mi has had experience teaching a diverse range of styles of music from pop to classical,.

Be Mi’s teaching philosophy is that every student is special and thus, requires individualised approach to teaching- positive motivation and having fun is important in learning the instrument. Students will learn how to practice effectively, something that is overlooked too often. Bei Mi firmly believes in quality over quantity.
He believes there are no boundaries in music and constantly seeks for improvement in his own pianistic skills and teaching by exploring new music, by participating in and conducting in master classes and by performing as a soloist.

> Nathan Slater


Nathan Slater


Nathan Slater initially studied classical guitar to Grade 6 AMEB in Canberra.  He continued studies in 2001 with Jazz guitarist Ben Hauptmann in 2002/3 at Canberra School of Music. In 2004 Nathan moved to Melbourne to begin his Bachelor of Music Performance studies at the VCA – Melbourne University. He specialized in Improvisation focusing on guitar styles, techniques, history and theory. He studied with some of the finest guitarists in Australia and from abroad including Geoff Hughes – Head of Electric Guitar, VCA University of Melbourne. Nathan has taken master classes with Carl Dewhurst (Sydney), Stephen Magnusson (Melbourne) and Peter O’Mara (Germany).

Nathan further enriched his studies with Flamenco guitarist Richard Tedesco and with Jazz/Brazilian performer, Doug De Vries.

In 2005, Nathan was the recipient of the Athenaeum Award for Music Composition and in 2006 he received the VCA Professors Award for Excellence in Performance.

Nathan has gained significant acclaim as a performer. He has been hailed as “a formidable talent with his star on the rise… a name to watch in the very near future.”  During his time in Melbourne, Nathan has performed as a sideman for such groups as Arte Kanela, Tatu Rei, Gian Slater Trio, Christopher Hale ensemble, La Rumba, Mietta, and FGHR among others. In 2010 Nathan was appointed musical director of the Robles tango studio production “One night in Buenos Aires” which went on to tour internationally.

Nathan has developed a strong and unique guitar style built on original compositions fusing elements of Brazilian, Flamenco, Jazz and Tango traditions.

Nathan’s teaching experience is extensive. He has taught students of all ages and abilities.

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> Genaaron Diamente


Genaaron Diamente


Genaaron began learning guitar at a very early age and developed playing skills under the guidance of guitar teacher Tony Calabro, during his primary and secondary school years.

In 2005, for tertiary studies, Genaaron gained entry into Melbourne University at the Victorian College of the Arts and was accepted into the improvisation stream, focusing on guitar styles, techniques, history and theory. During his time at the VCA Genaaron studied with some of the finest guitarists in Australia including Geoff Hughes – Head of Electric Guitar.

He studied jazz with some of this country’s finest guitarists such as Stephen Magnusson and Peter Petrucci and with the renowned Jazz/Brazilian guitarist Doug De Vries. Genaaron’s studies in classical guitar were undertaken with the well known performer and teacher Anthony Field.

Whilst at the VCA Genaaron developed as a musician and honed his skills on acoustic and electric guitar and of this time he values most the experience of playing with many talented musicians in many different settings.

Genaaron began teaching at the age of 18 years when he taught secondary students individually and in group classes in High Schools. Since then he has taught hundreds of students. He has worked with young student beginners in primary schools, has continued teaching students of all levels in secondary schools and has also taught in guitar schools within music stores. Genaaron’s students have ranged in ages from 5 to 60 year olds. He teaches students who want to learn to play for recreation as well as those who undertake music as a study in upper levels of education. He has a wide range of experience teaching many different styles and has guided students through exams and VCE performances.

Genaaron currently performs extensively throughout Melbourne. He plays in jazz bands, rock bands, duos, trios and performs as a solo guitarist. He is also a dedicated composer and producer and is currently involved in several recording projects involving original bands and solo works.

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> Delaney Stewart


Delaney Stewart

Completing BMusImprov (Monash)

Delaney is a highly skilled musician with a young and fresh approach to communicating music. He began playing music from the age of nine years  and  won a music scholarship to the highly acclaimed Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School graduating in 2003.

He proceeded to undertake tertiary studies at Monash University where he focussed  on theoretical and practical study on the acoustic, electric and bass guitars,  Delaney explored classical, Brazilian, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Jazz and Cuban as well as orchestral music. Delaney is highly skilled on all three instruments and can teach each of them to a professional level.

Since university, Delaney has taught acoustic, electric and bass guitar to a vast array of students ranging from young children to secondary and tertiary students and to adults. He is an extremely patient and encouraging teacher with excellent communication skills and a very calm personality.

Building repertoire and incorporating theoretical knowledge into a student’s favourite songs are key factors in Delaney’s teaching. Song-writing and musical expression is also explored. Primarily focusing on building repertoire, mastering skills and developing knowledge of the instrument, his lessons are exciting and his student progress quickly.

Delaney’s experience is extensive in all facets of the industry ranging from writing, rehearsing and performing music, recording, engineering and producing music in the studio, promoting and marketing music for one-off shows or large scale tours.

Stylistically, Delaney’s skills and taste are wildly versatile. He plays in Rock ‘n’ Roll band – Straylove, in Gypsy Jazz Band –  Rats in the Kitchen, and is half of a Brazilian guitar duo. Delaney has learnt from, and worked with some of the best musicians in the country and has toured Australia and abroad many times.

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Past Staff:

Simon Watt – guitar teacher: www.libertymusicdesign.com.au

Bridget A’Beckett – early childhood teacher: www.musicalsprouts.com

Caesar Rodrigues – guitar teacher: www.blanktape.com.au