Moving Into Music – Summer Schedule …

Dear Moving Into Music students, families and friends,
Before we bid you adieu for Christmas we send you this missive to outline our plans for Summer lessons in January. The schedule is published below.
Summer lessons can be the ideal way to try new things – a different instrument, the perspective of a different teacher. The short run of lessons over summer can be a way to add more musical skills to your toolkit or a way to introduce a loved one, a friend, to musical learning.
If you wish to take any lessons over the summer – it can be one, two or three – please contact Lauris immediately to signal your interest.
Summer Lessons in January: 
Summer 2021 - Kew & CBD

                                         Online trim       Piano | Keyboard | Theory | Vocals              Online trim

                                              Acoustic Guitar | Electric Guitar | Bass Guitar | Drums & Percussion

                                                        Lessons: Southbank & Kew | Online Lessons also Available     



                                                                          p: +613 9836 2686